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Solo Exhibition celebrating Women's Day
March 2023



Barcelona, Spain
November 2022
Florence Biennale
Eternal Feminine, Eternal Change
Florence, Italy
Oct 23st - 31st 2021
Chicas Bravas
Qué ves
Roma, Italia
May - June 2022

About the artist

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a Cuban mother and Argentinean father, Cristina Barr left Argentina and her career as an English Literature teacher to come to Paris in 2001 (currently living between the two cities). She is a painter known for her bold and intense pieces that intertwine the private and the public – the intimate and the political, combining autobiographical elements with stories from literature, and observations on the contemporary world. She uses colour and heavy brushstrokes to create unsettling tableaux which, at times, challenge the social and sexual codes still present  mainly in Latin American societies. Charged with a unique psychic and emotional drama, her works, always inhabited by a strong female presence, express what it is to be a woman, particularly one living under the oppressive hierarchies and controlling conventions of patriarchal society.

Featured in

Interviewed by la RAI

When she exhibited her work Chicas bravas at the Biennale, Cristina was interviewed by the Italian television RAI 3.

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