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AndBloom: The Art of Aging Unapologetically

So happy to announce you'll find me in Denise Boomkens' new book: The Art of Aging Unapologetically – Inspiration about life from more than 100 women.

In it, I tell the story of my life and the 156 things I did before becoming a full time professional painter. But it's not only about me... it is about the other 100 women that were "born to the world" thanks to the talent, generosity, and most important VISION of Denise's project, to show the world that growing old is NOT a synonym of lack of dreams, plans, energy – that wrinkles are just that...wrinkles! and that perfect bodies are just "an accident of nature" 🙃, not the norm.

You can find this book from Octopus Books whether on their site or on Amazon.

THANKS for this special happy day of shooting at Les Jardins du Faubourg to Dayenne Bekker for the styling, and Lily the makeup artist.

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