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Featured in AndBloom

So happy to have been featured in And.bloom !! A Happy Place for Women over 40.

I don’t know how to thank Denise Boomkens, Dutch photographer & journalist for being a supporter and collector of my art, plus asking me to pose for a shooting when she came to Paris. Denise founded AndBloom, A Happy Place for Women over 40 (instagram: @and.bloom). The idea is to portray women that inspire others for the things they do…making a community of strong women that are is the process of getting “old” (but refuse to have surgeries) , yet they continue doing things. Together They/we form a beehive of ladies that refuses being sent to the “backstage” just because we have wrinkles and our skin sags… We have much more ahead…and we will continue fighting just to fulfill our dreams that are many, different from those of our youth…new dreams…! Cheers to us all beautiful wise women!!!

You can read the interview here!

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