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The Creatures

that Inhabit Cold Mirrors

I’m interested in the human condition, and the psychological depth of the characters I paint, exposing their power but also their vulnerability. I would like the viewer’s psyche to be “disturbed” by the presence, the existence of my characters. Painting on large canvases, my work aims to lead the viewer to a confrontation of their own selves.

The  works below belong to my series The Creatures that Inhabit Cold Mirrors (a quote by Argentinian poet Alejandra Pizarnik). They explore the anxiety, attachment, and intimacy of routine life, as well as feelings of isolation during Covid. My works are situated somewhere between representational reality and dream or allegory. My aim is to express emotional intimacy, spiritual or metaphysical states of mind. The paintings’ main subject is the psyche of my characters and the world around them, that is transformed by their own appreciation of reality.

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